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We run UK SIA Close Protection, Tactical Firearms, CQC, CQB Courses in Dublin, Ireland, UK and Europe. Join us!


Defensive Tactics: Concept of Self-Defence


Safety of Community  starts from Personal Safety!









If  you won’t Invest to your ability to Protect Yourself   You become a Trophy of Your Assailant !


Self-Defence-CQC  courses Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom, Europe

Planning of Defence:



  • Try not to get in Troubles ( 5 Not To Do ). You can sort 90% of them out.

  • Even if you do everything Right- you can get in Troubles. Use Physical Defence Techniques then. Dont forget- 90% is for Avoiding Troubles, 10%- for Using Force.


Principles of Using of Reasonable Force



  • Necessary;

  • Reasonable in Circumstances;

  • Proportional (responce)





Self-Defence Law (UK, Ireland):


  • Defend Yourself;

  • Defense of Others;

  • Defence of Premises.


Human Right Convention:


  • Right to Life.


Citizens arrest (UK, Ireland):


  • You can arrest if you suspect

someone is doing serious crime.


Wrong CONCEPT model 1

reversed Pyramid

License no: ICPTA 669

Nonsence 1:

you will fight like guys from Special Forces! 


Remember 1:

  • Spec. Forces guys use CQC for Coordination purpose, for Mental Training and for Improving Chances to get to their Primary Weapon. 

  • That to Get Skills To Fight you need years of training!


  • There are Laws about using Reasonable/Deadly Force. If you wont do Proportional Response - you will be Jailed.

Reversed Pyramid 

Self-Defence-CQC  course Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom, Europe



Wrong CONCEPT model 2

Wrong Pyramid

Nonsence 2: 


You Can't Win against guy who is Stronger than you! 


Remember 2:


  • You Can't Win against someone who is Stronger. But you still Can Protect yourself !

  • You need years of training for Ability to Win. But you need a few basic Principles and to be Smart that to Survive.

  • You have to Train Hard. That builds not only Ability to Fight but Self Confidence and Chances to Avoid Fight.



Self-Defence-CQC  courses Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom, Europe

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