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License no: ICPTA 669

Defensive Tactics: Concept of Personal Safety

Personal, Family’s and Public Safety


If  you won’t Invest to your ability to Protect Yourself   You will Be Trophy for Your Assailant !




1. Environment- Increase of Criminal Activities (Dublin, Ireland, Europe, worldwide);


  • Increase of various types of assaults, robberies;

  • Numbers of Carjacking;

  • Numbers of Armed Assaults;

  • Unpredictable Behavior because of Influence of Drugs, Alcohol.



2. Behavior- Human Behavior Model- Wrong Expectations:


  • Regular people Don’t Know how to behave in these type of situations. They Expect that Someone will Protect Them (Police, Security, Batman ..)

  • Most of Professionals (Police, Security..) Not Ready for that type of situations;



3. Values – Safety of Community  starts from Personal Safety:


  • You can only Protect Your Family and Others when You Can Protect Yourself. Our Duty to be Strong. This is the only way to build Safe Community.

  • Only Chance to Survive- to be Ready To Survive.

  • We all are Warriors and Life is a Battle.



4. Mission- Lets Protect our Community  Together:


  • Learn how to Protect yourself ( Self-Defence Courses for regular people and Women Self-Defence);

  • Learn how to Protect your Family ( Family Self-Defence –Teamwork drills);

  • Courses for Professionals (Close Protection, Tactical Firearms, CQC, Physical Intervention);




Remember: if  you won’t Invest to your ability to Protect Yourself   You will Be Trophy for Your Assailant.

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