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Defensive Tactics:

Concept of Loss Prevention

For Safety of Your Business!


When you are paying your money to someone who isn't doing  his job-You Are Throwing Your Money to Rubish Bin !



Owner's Expectations:

to Reduce Loss


  • Expectations:

to Save Money



  • Situation:

You pay for work which

isnt done.



  • Conclutions :

You still loosing your money  and pay money to Security who dont do any job?!.

You getting Double Loss


  • Solution:

Concept of Loss Prevention: Shrink and Waste management. Result orientated concept. What's to require from Security Contractor before signing of contract.

What Must Be Done

Complex Loss Prevention Solutions

Shrink  ( not accountable loss) :


  • Customers;

  • staff;

  • delivery.


Fraud :

  • customers;

  • staff;

  • staff+customers.


Wrong Countings : 

  • deliberately (management)

  • mistakes ( staff).



  • cash office;

  • staff-theft;

  • robberies.


Waste  (  accountable loss) :

(damages, out of date items..)


Waste  to Shrink :

  • procedures.



Other Loss:

  • Violence;

  • H&S issues.

What Security Contractors Do

They Take Money

Shrink  ( not accountable loss) :


  • Yes ?

  • NO

  • NO


Fraud :

  • NO

  • NO

  • NO


Wrong Countings : 

  • NO

  • NO



  • NO

  • NO

  • NO


Waste  (  accountable loss) :

(damages, out of date items..)NO


Waste  to Shrink :

  • procedures-NO



Other Loss:

  • Violence-NO

  • H&S issues -NO

Concept of Loss Prevention: Shrink and Waste management. Result orientated concept. What's to require from Security Contractor before signing of contract.

License no: ICPTA 669

When you Pay Your money to


someone who is not Doing His Job-


You are Throwing Your Money to Rubish Bin !

Work with Professionals who Can Do Result !

Some Conclusions from my experience of doing special projects for Loss  and Violence Prevention for (....) and (....) ( in High Risk Areas of Dublin -Dolphins Barn, Crumlin, Finglas, Prussia St, Tallagh, Ballyfermot..)


  • the only way to do Real Changes - speak directly with owner. He is the only person who really cares about Reducing Loss. Most of Managers operate with numbers to make owners happy -they are Cheating. Their main task - to keep their Position Save and to use chances to get up by Carrier Ledger. They are not interested in Real Changes. They do only Cosmetic Changes.




  • the only  way to do it- Short Term projects from outside-Result Related Projects.  Only questions for  Loss Prevention Managers or Security Contractors  must be these : 


  1. Can you do Real Changes ?

  2. What result we can expect ?

  3. How long it will take to do it?

  4. How to keep it ?

  5. How to make it even  better?




I was moving between different stores  to do that. It took for me from 3-6 weeks to fix stores ( depend from size of store).


What I found out : 

  • Shrink and Waste numbers were made up. By papers Waste was quite ok, Shrink - abnormal.

  • Managers was throwing all that sh..t on their security- Security dont do their job and all stuff are robbed.


What did I do:

  • At first I fixed problems with direct theft from customers ( identification of person who robbing, blind spots, their links with staff..) and theft prevention among staff ( staff search on regular basic).

  • At the same time of 1-3 days I made changes on waste routines ( all waste must be scanned, put in rubbish bags, list of scanned items printed, signed ( staff  who scanned and manager) and placed in these bags. These bags were checked every day for 1st week.


Results I have got in 1st week:

  • Waste - jumped up , 

  • shrink - dropped down. 


So First Reason the loss was bad Management. And the same were in all stores! 


  • The first Reason of Loss - Bad Housekeeping and wrong Attitude. 

Like I wrote earlier - They do only Cosmetic Changes that to keep Owner Happy. Wasnt diffucult  for me  do other changes in Loss Prevention  for few more weeks( delivery check, more spot checks on tills)


I made all  pocedures simple ( and less bureaucracy too)


  • The worst of what could have happened - THEY PUT IT DOWN IN 2 WEEKS WHEN I GONE !



  • Conclusions: 



    I hope that all these observation will help you to save your money.

  • It took for me to fix one store from 2-6 week; for management to put that store down again - 2 weeks. And the same in all 6 stores. I repeatedly did it again in all stores and even in shorter time - and they put it down again and in the same 2  weeks. It means - that this is Systematic Approach  and SHOWS  ATTITUDE OF SENIOR MANAGEMENT.   And the only way to sort it out - to  speak with Owner- he is the only person who really cares about Reducing Loss.


  • About Security Contractors: you can get  bundle of Complex Security Services ( Loss Prevention , Violence Prevention, Staff Training on Loss Prevention, Recommendation for Improvement of Loss Prevention, Independent Audit for Loss Prevention) for nearly the same price like you pay for Security Contractors who dont have any clue about Loss Prevention and even dont do job they are paid for. SO YOU PAY MONEY FOR JOB WHICH ISNT DONE?!. There are no sense here. Its the same like to throw money to rubbish bin. Maybe its better to pay a little bit more but get Result and Save money? 


Kind Regards


Arturas Pranckevicius

Head Instructor


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