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Defensive Tactics: Tactical Firearms Courses for Bodyguards


    Power  of your TEAM  depends from Personal Readiness to Self-Sacrifise and from level of the Weakest Member of your Team !




Improve your Fighting Skills ! Dont be the Weakest Link !

Defensive Tactics: Tactical Firearms for Bodyguards course

Improve your Fighting Skills ! Dont be the Weakest Link !

Why this program is needed:

With decades of  various Combat training with Private Armed Security, Police and Army SF  we came to conclusions : 


  • Most of Tactical Firearms courses (programs) are typical Basic Army ·Shooting courses with some funny stuff from Sport Practical Shooting drills and fancy show of various combat uniforms and gear.


  •   Plus most of Tactical Firearms courses (programs) are built for big Teams with proper Logistic and Power Support.


  • Our program is Designed for Small Bodyguard (CPO) Groups (1-5 operatives) operating in Hostile Environment without any logistic and Power Support. Our concept - Task Orientated Adaptation and Improvisation to Perform Effectively and Safely through a Real Fire-Fight.

Our project built with keeping in mind, that Situation Determines Preparation:

Full (30 hours)course program:


The Main Principles - Situation Determines Preparation:

  • 360 degree workout with gun in Crowd;

  • Safety (Gun down/up/holster);

  • Prevention of Provocations; 

  • CQC-CQB link. 

Course modules:

1.     Theory, Principles, Safety;

1.2.  Weapon Familiarization+ Dry drills+CQC-CQB link;

1.3 Safety Rules+Dry Drills + CQC-CQB link;
2. Tactical Pistol;

3. Tactical Rifle;

4. Double Guns ;

5. Anti Ambush (Vehicles) DRILLS;


Price 1 :                  850 euro;
Price 2:                   750 euro ( for staff of US Embassy in Dublin);
Price 3:                   700 euro (for certified CPO's);
Price 4:                   500 euro ( for our CP course students);

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