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Frequently asked questions

Close Protection Training

What is your Awarding Body for UK SIA level 3 CPO course?

Awarding Body : https://highfieldabc.com/ PRO1TRAININGS is our aproved Highfield Centre no: 12443

Assessment Methods

  1. Multiple-choice examination;
  2. Open response questions;
  3. Practical assessment .

Guided learning hours (GLH)

The SIA stipulates a minimum number of contact hours and minimum number of training days

  • 140 hours
We run 200-230 hours (with First+Tactical Firearms+Empty Hands Combat included)

Course Price

2300 euro

  • INCLUDED: Accommodations, meals (2x per day), weapons, ammo, transit to (from) Kaunas Airport;
  • NOT INCLUDED: Flights to ( from) Lithuania.

UK SIA requirements for Close Protection Course Content

Training leading to an SIA licence-linked qualification for close protection operatives must include the following areas: 1. Close Protection Specialist Module

 Session 1: Roles and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative
 Session 2: Threat and Risk Assessment
 Session 3: Surveillance Awareness
 Session 4: Operational Planning
 Session 5: Law and Legislation
 Session 6: Interpersonal Skills
 Session 7: Close Protection Teamwork and Briefing
 Session 8: Conduct Reconnaissance
 Session 9: Close Protection Foot Drills
 Session 10: Route Selection
 Session 11: Close Protection Journey Management
 Session 12: Search Procedures
 Session 13: Incident Management
 Session 14: Venue Security

2. Conflict Management

 Session 1: Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk
 Session 2: Defusing Conflict
 Session 3: Resolving and Learning from Conflict
 Session 4a: Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management for Security Guarding and Close Protection;

ID Requirements

  • It is the responsibility of each Centre to have systems in place to ensure that the person taking any of the security licence-linked qualifications is indeed the person they are purporting to be.
  • All Centres are therefore required to ensure that each learner’s photograph and formal identification documents are checked and recorded before they are allowed to sit the examination/assessment.
  • The invigilator must check all photographs supplied by the learners and ensure each is a true representation of the individual about to take the examination.
  • Once satisfied, the invigilator must print the learner’s name on the reverse of the photograph before sticking it onto the adhesive film on the Identification Validation Sheet.

First-aid requirements

  • When applying for a close protection licence, learners will be required to produce evidence that they have attained a recognized first-aid award (this is not a qualification requirement).
  • Learners should present their valid first-aid certificate to their training provider before starting training.
  • If they do not have a recognized first-aid award, they will need to get one in order to apply for a licence.
  • This is in addition to the minimum 140 hours of knowledge and practical skills training.

First-aid awards currently recognised by the SIA include:  HABC Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (QCF);

 HABC Level 3 Award in First Aid Response; and

 First Person on Scene (FPOS) Intermediate Award - 30 hours (Edexcel / IHCD).

Course Place

  • 1st week - Dublin, Ireland;
  • 2nd week - Elektrenai, Lithuania:

Course Program

  • UK SIA level 3 Close Protection Operative course
  • Defensive Tactics: Tactical Firearms for Bodyguards
  • Uk Level 3 First Aid at Work
  • Defensive Tactics- Empty Hands Combat for Close Protection Operatives

Why to train with your Training Company?

Why we created our courses:

  • ...we took part in various courses.In some-we found how to do things right,in some-what not to do.
  • But that didn't meet our expectations HOW TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND DO IT RIGHT. So we made our courses. Courses for US.
  • You Fight like you Train.
  • We Train to Adapt to Uncertainties and Improvise to be able to Execute Tasks and Survive.
  • Expected Situation Determines Preparation.
Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/yHJXPNBfJAi9mZr2UTGixEkw

Course duration

14 days

Daily Timings

  • 7am-11pm
  • Adequate Fitness level is required.

Tactical Firearms for CPO

Why this program is needed

  • Our program is Designed for Small Bodyguard (CPO) Groups (1-5 operatives) operating in Hostile Environment without any logistic and Power Support.
  • Our concept - Task Orientated Adaptation and Improvisation to Perform Effectively and Safely through a Real Fire-Fight.
Read full article : https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/oW4xpgCS9zep3UHsJuweMmfW

1. Theory, Principles, Safety;

PRINCIPLES of TRAINING of Tactical Firearms for Bodyguards Survival Mindset achieved through Practical Exercises (not just theory) Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/mZqCLQxHPFnAcV7gjwiKFz8w

1.1 Laws and Regulations

1.1.1 Reasonable Force;

  • Necessary - Reasonable in Circumstances - Proportional
1.1.3 Rules of Engagement
  • Level of force is determined by the assailant!
Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/NgockzT6hdcQSi1Mbiuvet2t

1.2. Weapon Familiarization/Safety/Dry drills/CQC-CQB link;

  • 1.2.1 Induction into using of gun( Weapon handing bio-mechanics to carry, deploy and move with weapon so that you):
  • don’t shoot yourself;
  • don’t shoot your friends;
  • don’t shoot anyone you don’t want to shoot.
Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/ShXJZm8qQQyU5MKQKgYiGUhJ

2. Tactical Pistol;

Pistol Drills Structure: 2.1 Pistol Precision Drills (static);

2.2 Pistol Precision Drills (dynamic);

2.3 Pistol-Crowd Simulation;

2.4 Pistol-Multiple Targets;

2.5 Stoppages/ change of magazine;

2.6 Pistol-BG+VIP drills (4 directions);

2.7 Pistol-CP Team Anti Ambush drills( 4 directions);

2.8 Pistol-Team Drills;

2.9 V-Counter attack drill (2-5 members);

2.9.1 Peeling drills (2-5 members);

2.9.2 Line+ back to formation (2-5 members);

Principles of Preparation of Drills;

Engagement and Team Work

  • Threat Recognition – Movement/Draw – Cover – Communicate – Shoot – Follow Through – Assess.
  • All this above as a single chunk of motor memory – ENGAGE!
  • Team-work and movement (adaptation, improvisation) “crowd” work.
Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/DsbCAVjnEHiu7zdTHq8mxfxr

3. Rifle drills - Structure;

Rifle drills - Structure: 3.1 Rifle Precision Drills (static);

3.2 Rifle Precision Drills (dynamic);

3.3 Rifle-Crowd Simulation;

3.4 Rifle-Multiple Targets;

3.5 Stoppages/ change of magazine;

3.6 Rifle-BG+VIP drills(4 directions);

3.7 Rifle-CP Team Anti Ambush drills(4 directions);

3.8 Rifle-Team Drills;

3.9 V-Counter attack drill (2-5 members);

3.9.1 Peeling drills (2-5 members) ;

3.9.2 Line+ back to formation (2-5 members);

4. Double Guns;

4. Double Guns DRILLS (dry +live fire)

  • 4.1 Stoppages - change of guns;
  • 4.2 Line + back to formation (2-5 members);

5. Vehicle Anti Ambush drills (by request)

5. Anti Ambush (Vehicles) DRILLS: 5.1 Embus / Debus; 5.2 Exchange of cars; 5.3 Retreat on foot; https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/Tb9riPJtFtHiYuv6LM93BXUL

6. Prices;

Prices: Price 1 : 850 euro;
Price 2: 700 euro (for certified CPO's);
Price 3: 500 euro ( for our CP course students); 4th day by request: (5. Vehicle Anti Ambush drills): Price: 150 euro


Student will be able to :

  • behave safely with the gun - know safety procedures with guns (Dont Shoot yourself, your friend or anyone you dont want to shoot)
  • calculate risks (Risk Assessment) of armed assaults and to make right decisions for Defense ( rules of engagement, reasonable force-deadly force)
  • Shoot in Target precisely;
  • To Work with Team;
  • To Work in Crowd.
  • Use Pistol/Rifle properly
  • Switch between guns ( if stoppage or out of ammo );
  • CQC-CQB link (switching between Armed Combat and Empty Hands Combat);
Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/fbjU8WQd4oyaUUMLFm6HomLc

9. PRINCIPLES of Reality of Training;

  • MUST be an optimal ratio between Reality Training and Safety;
  • Achieve that and Train to Respond to Real world Threat;
  • How to Perform Effectively through a Fire-Fight;
Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/BzqdtzAVWfrgnQfXDucM4E43

10. Psychical Reactions - Models of Human Behavior:

Psychical Reactions - Models of Human Behavior:

  • Do it Slow;
  • Principles of Speed;
  • Principles of Self-Control;
  • Concept of Creating Chances;
  • Crowd Control;
Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/jCGuyYsA5Q1HgAV6yguCrN6Y

Empty Hands Combat For CPO

Why Professionals need this program

With decades of Empty Hands Combat training with different groups of students ( from kids to Police and Army SF) we came to conclusions :

  • Most of Empty Hands Combat courses (programs) mostly are only sets of different fancy techniques (far away from reality in regards of simplicity of understanding, using and efficiency)
  • Most of training providers don't know how to teach studentsto recognize situations, adopt to quickly changing hostile environment, improvise and react to danger properly (in time-timing) and to avoid over reactions (possible unreasonable and unlawful actions);

Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/KHi3R9YDaWMbqtNEPpoairBZ

Course Modules

Empty Hands Combat for Close Protection Operatives (36 hours)- Course Modules: 1. Reasonable Force, H&S – Safety Rules ;
2. Theory and Principles;
public link ( https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/stDjnyuvdJQpxjnqhS7C9vkm)

4. ADVANCED DEFENSE - Blind Defense, Multiple Opponents, Small Space defense; 5. ADVANCED DEFENSE- TACTICS OF SMALL GROUPS;



By Modules:

  • PERSONAL DEFENSE-150 euro https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/stDjnyuvdJQpxjnqhS7C9vkm
  • Advance Defense 1 ( Multiple opponents ("Zombie"drills), "Blind" defense,Small Space Defense) - 100 euro
  • Advance Defense 2 (DISARMAMENT ) - 100 euro;
  • Advance Defense 3 (TACTICS OF SMALL GROUPS)- 100 euro.
Stand alone course-Intensive 3 days full Self-Defense course:
  • 450 euro per student.


Group Discounts for Intensive 3 days full Self-Defense course :

  • 4 students: 400 euro per student;
  • 6 students: 350 euro per student;
  • 8 students: 300 euro per student;
  • 10 students: 250 euro per student.

1. Laws and Regulations

Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/ZR1hxcsxcaPBekPfpjhKTMwV

2. Theory and Principles

Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/rkeuWo2xvzjH6WLXX5DY6s9i

3.1 Basics of Throws / Take-downs;

Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/rRHCmGYAq3FLfvcYNu74Vo7T

3.2.6 Ground work for Defense;

  • 3.2.7 safely fall dawns/ rolls; PRACTICAL
  • 3.2.8 drill "machine" - roll-stand up- move ; PRACTICAL

3.3 Basics of Punching/Kicks;

3.3.1 Timing;
3.3.2 Biomechanics of human body -"frame";
3.3.3 Psychical Reactions;
3.3.4 Straight Punch – defense /counter attack / blocking; PRACTICAL
3.3.5 Elbow – defense / counter attack / blocking; PRACTICAL
3.3.6 Low Kick – defense / Counter attack drills / blocking; PRACTICAL

3.4 Defense from Grabs - from FRONT

3.4.1 Throat (front choke);PRACTICAL
3.4.2 Chest;PRACTICAL
3.4.3 One Hand;PRACTICAL
3.4.3 Two Hands;PRACTICAL
3.4.4 Bear Hug;PRACTICAL
3.4.5 Double/Single leg attack;PRACTICAL

3.5 Defense from Grabs - from behind Back

3.5.1 Head lock/ Rear Choke;PRACTICAL
3.5.2 Bear Hug;PRACTICAL
3.5.3 One hand;PRACTICAL
3.5.4 Two hands;PRACTICAL
3.5.5 Double / Single leg attack; PRACTICAL

4.Advanced Defense(Basics)-Blind Defense, Multiple Opponents, Small Space Defense;

4.1. Defense From Grabs - "Blind Defense";PRACTICAL
4.2. Defense From Grabs - Multiple Opponents (" Zombie" Scenario); PRACTICAL

5. Advanced Defense(Basics)-TACTICS OF SMALL GROUPS

Power of your TEAM depends from Personal Readiness to Self-Sacrifice and from level of the Weakest Member of your Team ! Improve your Skills ! Don't be the Weakest Link !

  • 5.1 BG-VIP Defense Drills (4 Directions); PRACTICAL
  • 5.2 2-5 CPO + VIP Defense Drills - "Dress Down /Dress Up"- Back to Formation - Adaptive Formations; PRACTICAL

6. Advanced Defense (Basics)-DISARMAMENT

  • 6.1. Baseball Beat/Stick (1-5 included):
6.1.1 Theory, Principles of Attack and Defense; 6.1.2 Practical Defense Drills;PRACTICAL
6.1.3 Stick against Knife Defense Drills (personal-Team drills) ;PRACTICAL
  • 6.2 Defense from Knife attacks (1-9 included) :
6.2.1 Phase 1 - we suspect knife in opponent's pocket (or hidden);PRACTICAL
6.2.2 Phase 2- attack happened-we saw knife (at very last moment);PRACTICAL
6.2.3 Phase 3- we already see knife- scenario "Cobra in Hands";PRACTICAL
  • 6.3. Use for defense "anything you see around":
6.3.1 theory, principles, reasonable force, level of power; 1-6 included;

Personal Defense Concept

Why Ordinary People need this program?

  • ..The World is Changed...The Europe is Changed...It is not safe here anymore... and if to be honest with you - never was..
  • Human Behavior Model - Wrong Expectations...
Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/Gcarf7qKotCxvVvkp9K764M7 The idea was to train ordinary member of public to be capable to fight back assailant and give chance to him and his family to survive in Real Combat. Because we live in time then THE RESCUE OF DROWNING IS A BUSINESS OF DROWNING.. The Personal Defense Concept is built for non professional combatants but maped by UK SIA level 3 Close Protection Operative course ( created for professional Bodyguards)

👆 Terror Awareness-Why we have to be trained?

  • TERROR IN EUROPE : 2014-2017
  • Safety of Community starts from Personal Safety !
  • If you won’t Invest to your ability to Protect Yourself You will Be Trophy for Your Assailant !
Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/Qnf3Hpn5nLvWBi44NKvs61Ec

Personal Defense Concept

The idea was to train ordinary member of public to be capable to fight back assailant and give chance to him and his family to survive in Real Combat. Because we live in time then THE RESCUE OF DROWNING IS A BUSINESS OF DROWNING.. The Personal Defense Concept is built for non professional combatants but maped by UK SIA level 3 Close Protection Operative course ( created for professional Bodyguards) Modules:

  • Planning and Preparation to Real Life situations;
  • Terrorr Awareness;
  • Safety of Journey ( on foot, by car);
  • Safety and Logistics of Flights;
  • Empty Hands Comabt- Personal Defense;
  • Empty Hand Combat module for Small Groups (Family is a Small Group/Team);
  • Tactical Firearms for Civil Defense.

Defensive Tactics: Empty Hands Combat - Personal Defense Module

Practical Drills:
3.1 Basics of Throws / Take-downs;
3.2.6 Ground work for Defense;
3.3 Basics of Punching/Kicks;
3.4-3.5. Defense From Grabs;
4. Defensive Tactics: Advanced Defense-Basics-Blind Defense, Multiple Opponents, Small Space Defense;
4.2. Defense From Grabs - Multiple Opponents (" Zombie" Scenario);
5. Defensive Tactics : Advanced Defense-Basics- TACTICS OF SMALL GROUPS;
6. Defensive Tactics : Advanced Defense-Basics-DISARMAMENT
6.3. Use for defense "anything you see around" More about Personal Defense program: Read full article: https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/WtnTArFrobkSdEFogz4HLBbr

Duration, Place, Price

Personal Defense Concept:

  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Place: Dublin,Ireland;
  • Price: 1300 euro

Duration, Place, Price

Empty Hands Combat - Personal Defense Module:

  • Duration: 15 hours;
  • Place: Dublin,Ireland;
  • Price: 150 euro