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Defensive Tactics: Empty Hands Combat Course for Bodyguards


    Power  of your TEAM  depends from Personal Readiness to Self-Sacrifise and from level of the Weakest Member of your Team !




Improve your Fighting Skills ! Dont be the Weakest Link !

Defensive Tactics:Defense from Kicks - 2004, Lt

Defensive Tactics:"Blind" Defense, Knife Defense- 2004, Lt

Defensive Tactics:"Blind" Drills-Throws- 2004, Lt

Defensive Tactics:"Blind" Defense-Grabs- 2004, Lt

Defensive Tactics:"Blind" Defense-Grabs- 2004, Lt

Defensive Tactics:Women Self-Defense 

Defensive Tactics: Kids- Self-Defense 

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Defensive Tactics: Empty Hands Combat for Bodyguards course

Improve your Fighting Skills ! Dont be the Weakest Link !

Why this program is needed:

With decades of Empty Hands Combat training with different groups of students ( from kids to Police and Army SF) we came to conclusions : 


  • Most of Empty Hands Combat  courses (programs)mostly are only sets of differentfancy techniques (far away from reality in regards of simplicity of understanding, using and efficiency) 

  • Most of training providers don't know how to teach students to recognize situations, adopt to quickly changing hostile environment, improvise and react to danger properly (in time-timing)  to avoid over reactions (possible unreasonable and unlawful actions);

  • Our program is Designed for Small Bodyguard (CPO) Groups (1-5 operatives) operating in Hostile Environment without any logistic and Power Support. Our concept - Task Orientated Adaptation and Improvisation to Perform Effectively and Safely through a Real Assault.

Our project built with keeping in mind, that Situation Determines Preparation :

License no: ICPTA 669

Full (30 hours) program:


The Main Principles - Situation Determines Preparation:

  • Based on Biochanics of Human Body, Psychical Reactions, Timing;

  • "Blind" Defense;

  • Defense from Multiple opponents; 

  • Disarmament;














Course Modules:

1. Reasonable Force, H&S – Safety Rules ;

2. Theory and Principles;   


4. ADVANCED DEFENCE -Blind Defence, Multiple Opponents, Small Space defence;   





The main our Self-Defense Course  is Defensive Tactics: Empty Hands Combat for Bodyguards Course.


This course is split into Modules:

  • PERSONAL DEFENSE (100euro);https://public.3.basecamp.com/p/stDjnyuvdJQpxjnqhS7C9vkm

  • Advance Defense 1( Multiple opponents ("Zombie"drills), "Blind" defense,Small Space Defense -100 euro);

  • Advance Defense 2 (DISARMAMENT200 euro);

  • Advance Defense 3 (TACTICS  OF SMALL GROUPS;  ( 100 euro).


Course can be taken like stand alone course ( Intensive 3 days full Self-Defense course) or by Modules (check above).


All students have their personal Assessment LogBook, all disciplines assessed and video recorded  and archived to students portfolios in Course Google Drive.


Price of Intensive 3 days full Self-Defense course 500 euro

Group Discounts for Intensive 3 days full Self-Defense course:

  • 4 students:     450 euro per student;

  • 6 students:     400 euro per student;

  • 8 students:     350 euro per student;

  • 10 students:   300 euro per student.

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